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Kreacjonizm młodej Ziemi

Document John Baumgardner, "Recent Rapid Uplift of Today's Mountains" (2005)
IMPACT No. 381 March 2005
Document Lloyd & Doris Anderson, "7 Wonders of Mount St. Helens" (1999); reprinted in "The Sabbath Sentinel" March-April 2004, s. 8-11
File Kurt P. Wise and Andrew A. Snelling. "A Note on the Pre-Flood/Flood Boundary in the Grand Canyon" (2005) pdf
"Origins" 2005, no. 58, s. 7-29;
File Marcus Ross, "Who Believes What? Clearing up Confusion over Intelligent Design and Young-Earth Creationism" (2005) pdf
"Journal of Geoscience Education", May 2005, vol. 53, no. 3, p. 319-323.
File David P. Cavanaugh and Todd Charles Wood, "A Baraminological Analysis of the Tribe Heliantheae sensu lato (Asteraceae) Using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA)" (2002) pdf
"Occasional Papers of the Baraminology Study Group" Number one; --- Abstract --- Morphological characteristics from 97 genera representing the major groups of tribe Heliantheae sensu lato and several outgroups were analyzed using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA) and baraminic distance correlation. The ANOPA results revealed a complex structure that does not correspond to any previous classification and does not exhibit any obvious discontinuity. The baraminic distance correlation confirmed continuity between all taxa studied. Taken together, results from this study and our previous one (Wood and Cavanaugh 2001) strongly support monobaraminic status for tribes Heliantheae s. l. and Eupatorieae collectively. This monobaramin contains 5730 species, more than 25% of the sunflower family.
File John R. Baumgardner, Andrew A. Snelling, Russell D. Humphreys, Steven A. Austin, "Measurable 14C in Fossilized Organic Materials: Confirming the Young Earth Creation-Flood Model" (2003) pdf
w: Robert L. Ivey, Jr. (ed.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Creationism, held August 4-9, 2003, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Creation Science Fellowship, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 2003, s. 127-142.
Document Stephen Bartholomew, Jr., "Genetics Proves Absurdity of Whale Evolution" (2021)
In recent years evolutionists have increasingly promoted the evolution of whales as one of the most convincing examples of macroevolution. Their alleged evidence is a mounting number of fossils that they claim are of transitional creatures in this process. In the debate about this subject, creationists have generally focused upon these same creatures, particularly specific details of their anatomy. In essence, the debate boils down to evolutionists explaining why they believe these creatures are ancestors of whales and creationists explaining why they can’t be. Although this issue merits discussion, focusing too much attention upon it is somewhat myopic, for there is another area of investigation that deserves considerably more attention, which is the process that supposedly created these transitional creatures in the first place. This process is the central focus of this paper. Focusing primarily upon genetics, in particular mutations, it demonstrates that the evolutionists’ theory of whale evolution is not only flawed, but absurd. Although evolutionists agree that mutations are instrumental in the process of evolution, they generally include genetic drift, migration, genetic recombination, and natural selection as other contributors to the process. This paper demonstrates exactly why these other processes are all ultimately dependent upon mutations for the changes that are supposedly required. According to evolutionary theory, however, the ultimate initiator of the changes must be not only mutations but very specific mutations, beneficial ones. It will be shown that, according to evolutionists’ own descriptions, beneficial mutations do not create what is absolutely necessary for the process of whale evolution: entirely new physiological features, ones that would require DNA that never before existed.
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